New Hispanic customers can change your bottom line. Allow El Concilio Hispano to help you reach your share of the growing phenomenal Hispanic market. Our team is prepared to organize a community outreach campaign for your business to grow, without breaking your budget. We understand the struggles and sacrifices many people go through to keep your business growing, because we have been there. Our Objective is to provide creative branding with our media and community events, along with businesses and great community organizations. We work to produce the results on you ROI you need to grow your business.

Our clients are Happy Client’s, and this is what helps us grow.

For as low as $395. Per week. Our team of experts are prepared help “Brand” your business in the phenomenal Hispanic Market of Southern Nevada.

Sponsorship Opportunities

Our Clients receive quality recording studios to produce their own radio ads, or we can provide this service.

Our video team produces video ads for social media and TV

Our graphic designers will produce quality print media ads for your business.

The social media team will design your new business web site and include your business advertisement on social media.